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Taste luscious, juicy smooth blueberries, soaked in sweet goodness, coupled with naturally extracted lime and a faint minty aftertaste – minus menthol for that refreshing fruity pleasure. Perfect for those hot summer days!

  • 70/30 VG/PG Ratio
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    1. While I completely adore the eJuices crafted by CandyMan Vapes, I felt that this particular juice had something missing. I had ordered a 30ml bottle of Blueberry Mojito at 6mg nicotine.

      The bottle that I received in particular did not have any distinctly strong flavor but offered a pleasant throat hit. The flavor of the crisp mint leaves were definitely noticeable but I was unable to taste much else. I attempted to switch out my coil and try ceramic in order to boost the flavor and I began to notice the subtle blueberry flavor.

      To an extend, the experience was underwhelming but I’d like to believe that the batch that I received in particular had an issue – perhaps it wasn’t mixed or steeped adequately. I’d love to give it another try and change my review because I do believe that the flavor crafters at CandyMan Vapes are geniuses in their field and can do better justice to this very promising idea!

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