Organic Glycerine (VG) (500ml)


Applications include:
  • DIY E-Liquid
  • Cosmetics, and Personal care
  • Beverages 
  • Human & Pet food. 
100% Safe for topical & Internal use.
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  • USP Grade VG (100% Organic) –
    Our Organic Vegetable Glycerine is designed to be completely sustainable, natural and carbon neutral. Our farms, all our inputs, and our processing facility are all Certified Organic.  
    Organic Soya bean is naturally fermented to produce Organic Glycerin. We also recycle the all-natural byproducts of the process as nutrients for the very farms that grow our soya bean, and to farms raising organic livestock.
    We start with certified organic soya bean seeds, which are processed into starches and sugars. Husks, cobs, processing liquids, enzymes, and other biomass byproducts of this process are sent to an organic farm to be fed to animals. The manure and biogas from the animal farm are then sent back to fertilize the organic soya bean farm.  The starches and sugars from the soya bean then undergo our special, patented natural fermentation process, resulting in pure, clean USP grade Organic Glycerin.  Even the water used during the final refinement process is purified and recycled back into production. This is the Purest form of Glycerine that could humanly be extracted.
    We believes Vaping is a healthier alternative, why not keep it the same way.
    Organic VG COA (Updated)
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