WARNING! This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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MYLÉ pod construction: how does it work?

Pods of the MYLÉ device are treated with a closed thermal control system. As a result, the required amount of thermal energy is always delivered.

MYLÉ Pods contain how many puffs?

The average Mylé Pod holds about 240 puffs.

Is MYLÉ liquid a separate purchase from MYLÉ pods?

Currently, only MYLÉ pods offer liquid for our devices.

Is it possible to refill MYLÉ pods?

It is not possible to refill MYLÉ pods that are pre-filled.

Is it possible to open the MYLÉ pod?

For your safety, we do not recommend opening the MYLÉ pod.You cannot reuse the MYLÉ pod.

Is it necessary to clean MYLÉ pods?

It is recommended to wipe the contact pins in the pod's bottom, the mouthpiece, and the inside of the device where the pod is inserted with a dry cotton swab

What is the best way to store MYLÉ pods?

You should always keep MYLÉ pods away from children and pets. Keep them closed in their original packaging in a dry, room-temperature place.

Is there an expiration date on MYLÉ pods?

Since its natural taste might begin to diminish after one year, it is recommended to consume the MYLÉ pod immediately after purchase.

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